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perfect Sissy Bondage

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Some snapshots from Second Life. This is from the sim, Trapped in Cute, which is ran by Meidosam (

Thanks for the wonderful pics, jinx!
My account on Second Life
 - My sim: Trapped in Cute

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Zoom Happy birfday Awi!

Happy birfday Awi!

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Segufix restraint system - 8 hours overnight.

Still working on full Delta recap, but here is writeup of Segufix scene.

I had been looking forward to this since Thursday evening when Ken told me he had just acquired the set a few days ago. I would be the first occupant and I was giddy as we walked in and I saw the setup.  I was still in chastity and put in double diapers so that I could stay in all night and not wake Ken, and he proceeded to strap me in. 

Being the first victim, there was a bit of trial and error, but I didn’t care, every section that went on felt awesome and it got better and better as he proceeded to the next section. I left my hood off so I could watch but put it on once he was about to strap down my wrists and head.   By the time he was done I could barely move save some motion in my arms to prevent my shoulders from cramping. I couldn’t reach my hood or my crotch (not that it mattered through 2 diapers and chastity). 

Diapered and in chastity device, my cock was straining the whole time he was strapping me in. I basically spent the entire night awake and horny, in complete darkness, every minute feeling like eternity. I had some muscle cramps in my upper thigh, but it passed.   But then I had to pee. I’ve never peed lying down before but I figured if I had to go bad enough I would. I spent the rest of the night unsuccessfully trying to pee. Once I heard birds chirping I knew morning was close and spent it struggling in the restraints hoping he would wake up and let me go. But he didn’t get up till most of the cabinmates were up and I finally asked him to let me go.  My lower abs were so cramped up by this time it took a while to pee once I had diaper off.  

This would be the only night in the Segufix as there was literally a line of subs wanting to experience it. Can’t wait till the next time and I’m currently working on learning to pee lying down in diapers.    

Wish this was me!

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Zoom Do want. No, need. 

Do want. No, need. 

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